Community is coming!

Today we’ve registered the domain! For anyone who aren’t entirely familiar with Matrix: it’s a decentralized, end-to-end encrypted protocol that allows users to create rooms to chat (both public and private) and send direct messages, a bit like Discord (except decentralized and with privacy 😉). You can find more information on their website or Wikipedia.

For those who are familiar with it: you’ve probably seen the traction it’s been gaining due to the influx on Mastodon and Fediverse apps in general. There aren’t yet as much servers for Matrix as there are for Mastodon, and for us it made sense to add a Matrix server to the green services we offer you: planting trees while you use Matrix! 🌳

Just the word “Matrix” for a domain name is quite short and fancy, and therefore considered premium domain for most top level domains. Dot green was no exception, meaning it costs €700 per year. We believe that’s worth that to offer our members a short and recognizable username that shows you care about the environment. 💚

To be able to afford it we need at least 55 new members, or people upgrading their membership to the next tier. For that reason, we plan on reserving access for paying members initially. Cause let’s face it, how cool is it, to have as your username when people ask where to reach you on Matrix? 😎 You can support this project on our Patreon or Steady page. There’s no separate tier and it’s no even mentioned yet but if you support this project and just talk with us you get a user.

We’re planning to offer our members access to Matrix trough a Synapse-server (website) and Element web-interface (website, Wikipedia). And we’re looking for volunteers help and install and maintain those – because doing it together as a team is much better and more fun for everyone. 😊

It should be possible to find both funding and volunteers for a green and private chat, right? Matrix is good. Green Matrix is better. 😉