As the name already suggests: is a green mastodon instance:

  • Plant trees while you use Mastodon! 20 % of the membership fees goes towards planting trees. You can always check how many trees we planted, or read our latest Tree Reports!
  • The server is running on 100 % renewable energy, and is is located in a Hetzner data center in Germany
  • According to our file storage provider, Amazon AWS, our CO2 emissions are 0,0 tonne CO2e is a membership based server

This means fair funding for everyone. Membership fees covers the cost of the server and climate action. You get peace of mind and the a good feeling knowing that you’re a club member, not a target for advertising. Our memberships come in three flavours:

  • Basic membership: includes 1 free guest account and is available on Patreon for 1,50 € per month
  • Booster: includes 2 free guest accounts and is available on Patreon and SteadyHQ for 3 € per month
  • Supporter: includes 4 free guest accounts and is available on Patreon and SteadyHQ for 5,99 € per month

Prices excluding applicable local VAT or sales tax. Steady is a German membership platform that offers payment with card, PayPal, bank transfer or Apple Pay. No commitments, you can cancel any time. is worldwide and regional

The original server was intended as a European instance. However, with the massive influx of users in November 2022 it became clear that the interest to join our tree planting mission wasn’t limited to Europe – and we’ve opened it up globally. Shortly thereafter we opened up a regional Mastodon server for people in the EU:

Remember that you can be on any server and interact with friends on any other Mastodon server, unless it’s listed as a blocked server on our instance’s about page. The benefit of being on a regional server is that the local timeline and trending posts are more likely to reflect what’s happening within that region. It’s basically a smaller community of like-minded people. is run by Albin Social

Albin Social is the trade name of Johan ‘Empa’ Sundström‘s one-person company.