Draft: Statement on Big Tech

Albin Social was founded to provide alternatives to ‘Big Tech’ apps. Our mission is to host Fediverse servers and use 5-20 % of revenue for climate action. We’re currently at the 20 % level and together with members we’ve planted over 12 000 trees.

We strive towards a larger and more decentralized Fediverse. Somewhat paradoxically to that, our approach is to not federate with servers run by a certain type of companies.’s policy is to suspend any Fediverse server run by ‘Big Tech’ companies. We do federate with servers run by regular sized companies.

This policy is about giant companies and the specific issue of them dominating any space they enter. It’s important that one part of the Fediverse stays fully independent and de-federated from Big Tech servers. Ideally this part of the Fediverse would be hosted by many individuals, organisations and Small Tech companies, all using 5-20 % of revenue for climate action.

That said, it’s not inherently wrong to federate with Big Tech. We have nothing against another part of the Fediverse doing that.

If you like this policy, consider becoming a member via our Patreon or Steady pages. You can also help by with inviting more people or contribute as a volunteer.

Any feedback is welcome, just reply to this post on Mastodon.